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Rabbit Cages Indoors

In the event that you are looking to rear rabbits and you want to have them indoors, you will need to have a very good rabbit cage where you can keep them within the house. You definitely cannot just have rabbits running around as and when they please. Below are some of the options that you can explore


Bunny Proofed Room


You can choose to have one room in the house totally dedicated to the rearing of eth rabbits. The rabbits will live in this room and the room will not be used for any other purpose whatsoever. Juts make sure that you divide the room very well and have a place for placing the food dishes, hay feeder box and the litter box. It would be advisable to have the food placed on a mat to be able to catch any spillages that might occur as the rabbits are feeding. This is actually a very good idea as the rabbits will have much more room to explore and move around and have fun as they please.



Rabbit Cages


Having indoors Rabbit cages from RabbitExpert is also another very great option. You will just need to construct a very good cage and place it inside the house and this is where the rabbits will stay. The cage needs to be very well constructed and it needs to be very well ventilated.


Rabbits also like very clean and well organized place; this means that you will need to organize the cage the same way that you would organize the room given above. You need to make sure that the cage that you construct is spacious enough to provide your rabbit with all the room to live comfortably and explore as much as it will need to.


You can choose to have the cage constructed using wood or wire. Juts make sure that if you go for the wood option; you use very high quality wood and still have a wire door for purposes of ventilation. When situating rabbit cages indoors, it is also very important to consider the direction of the sun. Rabbis are actually more tolerant of cold weather than they are of hot weather, it is thus very important that the cage is situated away from fireplaces and direct sunlight.


Cleanliness will have to be a top priority if you will be keeping your rabbits indoors. Make sure that the habitat is cleaned at least once a week and the litter box is emptied on a daily basis.